PPG was formed for the purpose of promoting piano pedagogy and improving the standard of teaching among new and beginning teachers through group learning experiences, with the ultimate goal of becoming a Registered Music Teacher.


In order to become a member of PPG applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be working at a minimum of Grade VIII piano and be working towards a diploma or degree.
  2. Must be currently studying with a teacher.
  3. Must be teaching or seriously intending to teach.

In order to remain a member in good standing, members must assume the following responsibilities:

  1. Active participation at PPG meetings is expected, including preparation of special projects (festival, performances) and contribution of ideas regarding future topics, speakers, and special projects.
  2. Be in regular attendance at meetings during the membership year.
  3. Notify the telephone/e mail convener if unable to attend a meeting.
  4. Provide refreshments for at least one meeting during the membership year.

Members may remain in PPG until such time as they meet the requirements for ARMTA membership, regardless of the length of time required to do so.


Katrina Thompson-Fost, Advisor
Nicole Sun, President
Christine Goertzen, Vice President
Judit Szanto, Treasurer
Doug Evans, Secretary
Gideon Choi/Carlo Santos, Festival
Monica Friesen, Librarian
Christine Goertzen, Technology
Gillian Siddal, Fundraiser/Gala