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September 27th, 2013

Dear members and non-members of our group,

Feel free to post your comments if you will have the chance/or already did, to show and teach one of the three short pieces taken from the LCM Piano Handbook 2013-2017 – Step 2 Exam Book LL251, ISBN/ISMN: 9790570121236  to your piano students. We would like to hear back from you, your comments about how you have taught these pieces, some characteristics of the student learning this piece, the challenging spots and how long in took to master the piece.


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  1. Gideon
    Oct 16, 2013 @ 07:13:00

    I can be the first to post! Just to get the discussion started, I gave the “Accidental Fifths” piece to 4 of my students. These are students in their second year of piano at my studio, although two of these students previously took a year or a year and a half of lessons with other teachers. 2 of the students have become proficient at the piece after 3 weeks. This is generally the progression these two students took:

    First day piece is introduced:
    We spend time identifying the first notes of the piece. We note that the left and right hands are playing notes of the same note name. Looking at the placement of the hands, I point out that the distance between notes is a 5th – same size as our hands if each finger is assigned to one note. We spend some time identifying a few more notes, and I point out that the whole piece is made up of 5ths (except for the very last chord which contains a 6th). Student is then asked to practice this piece and play for next week.

    After week 1:
    Student is able to play all notes correctly but were not able to keep steady pace because they had to move hands around keyboard to find notes. Also, students did not play eighth note rhythms correctly on their own. Time was spent during lesson to coach the student on playing the eighth note rhythms. (We used clapping exercises as well as playing the rhythm together).

    After week 2:
    Student is able to play all notes at a steady pace without hesitation. Quarter note and eighth note rhythms are played correctly (although the student did not play it correctly on their first attempt). I point out the different dynamics in the piece and we take a highlighter to colour in notes that are forte in one colour and notes that are piano in a different colour. Student is asked to play the piece for one more week – considering dynamics.

    After week 3:
    Student is able to play all notes and rhythms with ease. Student makes good attempt to play different dynamic levels. When asked to focus specifically on the dynamics, the eighth note rhythms are often played incorrectly. When student is asked to “play the piece one more time”, all of the elements of rhythm, pace and dynamics are played correctly (mostly)

    Kind of a brief summary. Hopefully it makes sense! During our next meeting, I have some thoughts about students’ practice habits and parent involvement during practice that I would love to discuss and hear about your experiences on.


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